Windows Mobile 7 Theme

Are you eagerly waiting for Windows Mobile 7? The expectations are high, but I’m sure Microsoft will greatly improve their mobile operating system and add even more features.

The release date has just been leaked: We can expect it in spring 2010. Yes, I know that’s still some time, that’s why I was looking for some free new themes inspired by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7.

Windows Mobile 7 Theme Softonic

If you are running any of the following mobile phone systems you can apply a cool theme from Softonic:
Windows Mobile 5, 6 (Pro + Classic), Windows Mobile 2003 (SE + Normal)

Windows Mobile 7 Theme

PocketPC Theme:
Download Windows Mobile Theme at Softonic

Windows Mobile 7 Theme SmartPhone Freeware

To apply the following theme you will need a few plugins:
Download MadBeetle

Windows Mobile 7 Theme

For instructions and download links simply go to:

Smartphone Freeware Themes

Windows Mobile 7 PocketPC

Another great theme that requires a lot of 3rd party plugins and tools:
You will have to install Pocketcm, Pocketkyboard , rlToday: Spb Mobile Shell, Weather Panel to use this theme.

Windows Mobile 7 Theme
Windows Mobile 7 Theme
Windows Mobile 7 Theme

To download the theme go to:

If you need any further instructions, ask the creator over at:

Published: Saturday, October 10th, 2009 Last Modified: October 10, 2009

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