Windows 8 Wishlist Project

Windows 7 has been Microsoft’s best-selling Windows ever. 7 is a worthy successor of XP and Vista, but there’s still room for a lot of improvements.

Windows 8 Wishlist

Let’s think about the future for a moment. What are your wishes for Windows 8?
We can make this the ultimate Windows 8 wishlist!

My Windows 8 Wishlist

I am especially unhappy with the taskbar icons and the Windows rights management as well as the network sharing in Windows 7. Of course, many times 3rd-party tools interfere, but Windows should be able to work flawlessly with modern firewalls activated.

This list will grow over time, but for now here are ten ideas that I would certainly put on my Windows 8 wishlist:

10. Step Built-in Support for 3rd-party themes

9. Step Improved ZIP Manager (that is able to extract more file formats)

8. StepScalable, stackable taskbar icons

7. Step Editor for Windows Themes (at least a simple editor to modify the images)

6. Step New Browser with improved tab management (colors, multiple rows, etc.)

5. Step Shortcut Manager (that allows you to add custom shortcuts for Windows commands)

4. Step Secure Note Manager that is integrated into the new explorer and can include references to files, hyperlinks and documents

3. Step Advanced Disk Manager (including a disk tree to find large folders and files)

2. StepDialog Manager (more flexibility to customize your PC and add important folders to common dialogs)

1. StepSimplified New Rights Management & Improved Network Sharing (sharing printers or files is still too much trouble sometimes, especially when firewalls interfere)

Your Windows 8 Wishlist:

Reply to this post and let us know of your wishes. Do you want a fancy new GUI or do your want to some real features that improve your productivity? Let us know and they will be added.

Pictures, concepts, links are more than welcome!!

External Windows 8 Wishlists:

Of course, many tech blogs report about Windows 7 problems every day. This is going to be a list of all things that people want to see fixed in Windows 8:

What Microsoft must fix for Windows 8 (Mike Williams)

What I Think Users Want in the Next Version of Windows (Ryan Tetzlaff)

Know a wishlist that should be on this list? Let us know!

Published: Saturday, December 12th, 2009 Last Modified: December 12, 2009

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