Windows 8 Wiki

We will soon be adding a Windows 8 Wiki to this site. If you have any questions you will be able to consult this wiki.
Windows 8 will be the 8th Windows and we all know that Windows gets more complex every time they release a new version.
Microsoft is trying to make Windows 8 “mainstream-compatible”, that means at a first glance Windows 8 will look simple and easy to use. At a second glance advanced users will find all the great Windows 8 features that have been built-in.

You shouldn’t wait and buy Windows 8 as soon as it becomes available.
Check out or Windows 8 news site for the latest rumors and news.

Wiki Explains Windows 8 Features

The task of this Windows 8 wiki is to explain all Windows 8 features. You will be able to edit the wiki and vote for entries.
If you are an advanced Windows user it would be great if you use the chance to add as much as as possible to the Windows 8 wiki so that we can teach everyone how Windows 8 works.

Wiki Moderators & VIP’s

There will be wiki moderators and VIP’s who will moderate the Windows 8 wiki. Obviously, spammers and bots can make a wiki filled with useless information. Our wiki shall be the best wiki out there with tons of useful information about Windows 8. That’s our mission.

To make the wiki complete, you will be able to download many articles for offline reading which will simplify some tutorials.

Published: Thursday, January 21st, 2010 Last Modified: January 21, 2010

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