Windows 8 Student

The Windows 8 student edition will be available at a great discount again. Microsoft’s strategy is to offer Windows 8 to student for free or for a small fee of $30 so that they continue to use Microsoft Windows in the future. The idea behind? When people get used to something the chances are good that they will stick to it.

Who will provide Windows 8 to the students?

Windows 8 student will be available via the MSDNAA and will be provided as a digital download usually.
On request, I am sure you can also get Windows 8 on DVD from Microsoft.

Many students around the globe have been using Windows software for ages. Of course plenty of people switched over to MAC and Linux, but Windows remains a constantly successful operating system.

How to get the Windows 8 student discount?

For more information, you should ask your university because they will know how you can get it and where to register. Usually, you will find the information online as well.

How much will the Windows 8 student edition cost?

Windows 8 Student

Look at the Windows 7 price tag above. Windows 8 Home Premium will be available for a similar price. Personally, I was able to get a copy of Windows 7 professional at a price of zero dollar (0$)! The price depends on the cooperation of your university with Microsoft and obviously it also matters what you study. I was studying online-media and was therefore able to get it for free.

The student edition may or may not be Home premium. If we are lucky the Windows 8 student edition will be a professional edition of Windows 8.

Published: Thursday, January 21st, 2010 Last Modified: January 21, 2010

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