Windows 8 Screenshots

We will post any Windows 8 Screenshots as soon as there are any Windows 8 leaks.
In the meantime, you might want to check out the Windows 8 Concept Screenshots.

Windows 8 Screenshots From Build M3

The following screenshots are taken from the Windows 8 build M3 that was sent out to OEM partners. One source, supposedly got a copy and leaked these screenshots:

Windows 8 Screenshot 5: Mount ISO
Windows 8: Mount ISO

On the following screenshot you can clearly see that user account pictures now allow WMV files:

Windows 8 Screenshot: Animated User Account Picture
Animated User Account Pictures in Windows 8

On the following screenshot you can see that Windows 8 includes “Tablet PC components”, this inofficially confirms full tablet support

Windows 8 Screenshot: Tablet PC Components

The history vault might be similar to the Mac OS X feature “Time Machine”:

Windows 8 Screenshot: History Vault
Windows 8 History Vault

Reset to factory default, a new feature in Windows 8? According to this screenshot, yes:

Windows 8 Screenshot: Reset To Factory Default
Reset To Factory Default Feature

Screenshots of the new PDF reader with the Metro Tile UI:

Windows 8 PDF Reader Screenshot
PDF Reader Screenshots

Screenshots of the new Ribbon UI that might be implemented into the new Windows Explorer:

Windows 8 Ribbon UI Screenshots

Windows 8 Ribbon UI Screenshots

Gallery of Windows 8 Concept Screenshots

All of the screenshots below are only concepts created by Windows 8 fans:

There will probably be some screenshots of leaked Windows 8 builds sooner or later, so let’s hope that Microsoft is working hard on a worthy successor.

Leaked Windows 8 Screenshot

Update: December 30th, 2011

A rumor is floating around that a screenshot of Windows 8 was leaked onto the internet. This rumor is not true. Here is the fake screenshot:

Windows 8 Screenshot Fake

Click here to read full story: Leaked Windows 8 Screenshot Is Fake

We will keep this up to date and post all Windows 8 screenshots here, fake or not fake.

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Published: Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 Last Modified: April 6, 2011

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