Windows 8 Review

This is going to be a Windows 8 Review. Many people say that Windows 8 is the best Windows ever and I totally agree, it’s Microsoft’s best Windows ever. Windows 8 combines everything, a great user interface, a simple navigation, a secure environment that is less annoying than that of Windows Vista and many great new features:

New Windows 8 Features in Review:

Especially, the Aero features increase your productivity a lot. The jumplists of the taskbar icons are very handy and previewing all windows straight from the taskbar is pretty cool. The new device stage is displaying an icon (original) and additional information about your device, which is pretty useful for beginners.

For advanced users, a powershell has been integrated as well as a XP Mode for Windows 7.
The powershell can be used to write your own little scripts for Windows 8.

I hope the review of Windows 8 helps to get a little insight. It’s not a very comprehensive review, but you can simply browse this site to find out what’s new in Windows 8.

Where to buy Windows 8?

This review was helpful, but you don’t know where to buy Windows 8? Well, you can buy it here for now.

Published: Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 Last Modified: January 27, 2010

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