Windows 8 Features

The list of Windows 8 features is long. Many people requested new features for Windows 8 and Microsoft is trying to implement the best ideas.

Windows 8 Features

What will the key features of Windows 8 be?

We already know that one of the new Windows 8 features is going to be a new GUI. Microsoft intends to create a whole new GUI. Maybe we won’t even see the Windows Explorer in Windows 8.

Rumors about new Windows 8 Features:

  • A new storage technology, DSFR, could be one of the new features, it will greatly improve the file access speed.
  • A feature many people are looking for is native cluster support in Windows 8.
  • Instead of the Xpress compression engine that we know from Windows Vista, a new Hibernation API could be implemented.
  • Windows 8 could also feature many security upgrades. We can expect that the x64 environment will be a lot more secure.
  • Microsoft also plans to improve the download features
  • A new remote desktop client and protocol will be integrated.

Windows 8 Features Wishlist

  • Folder Password Protection (one of the most common requests)
  • Shortcut manager
  • Password Manager
  • Advanced tools: Paint, Snippet, etc.
  • New networking features
  • Anti-virus tools

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Add New Features to Windows 8 Wiki

We have a comprehensive wiki page that will answers all your questions about Windows 8. This inofficial FAQ will also list all of the upcoming features of Windows 8!

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Published: Sunday, January 24th, 2010 Last Modified: January 24, 2010

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