5 Best-Rated VPN Services For 2016

Looking for a reliable VPN service? We reviewed the top solutions on the market that allow you to browse anonymously or unblock US, UK, CA streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO and many other.

2016 VPN Deals: Get 1 year free VPN + SmartDNS

1 StrongVPN 2 VyprVPN 3 IPVanish 4 Overplay
Price per month $7.00
(1 year)
(1 year)
(1 year)
(1 year)
Strongvpn Logo Small Vypr Vpn Logo Small.png Ipvanish Vpn Logo Small.png Overplay Logo Small 2016.Png
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Great For: Allround Use Privacy Streaming Unblocking HBO
Server locations 454 Servers / 12 Countries 700 Servers / Wordwilde 225 Servers / Worldwide 48 Servers / Worldwide
Server switches Varies by Package (~15) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Proprietary Client Robust Client Sophisticated Client Beautiful GUI (DNS Change)
DNS Privacy Protection? No Yes No Yes
Easy To Connect? Easy Very Easy Easy Medium
Issues You Can Run Into Connection Issues Connection Issues Connection Issues Update IP Manually

Runner Up: Place 5 - New Year Sale

There are lots of different VPN services out there. PureVPN is currently running a New Year promotion that will give you 2 years of VPN service and 2 years of smartDNS. That's quite a decent offer. Visit PureVPN here, we'll review this service shortly.

General VPN Buying Tips

I'll make it quick for you so you can make the best buying decisions. In order to pick the best VPN, you should look for a provider that provides OpenVPN and a proprietary client. A variety of protocols like OpenVPNĀ is important because many times Windows will encounter issues when you are connecting through a NAT-firewalled router (most routers use NAT!) and then its good to have other protocols to choose from. Other than that, make sure there are no fees for switching between servers if you intend to browse from several countries not just the US.

StrongVPN Review: The Consumer VPN

Strongvpn Client Ui.png

StrongVPN has been around many years and is one of the leading VPN providers.

Pros: They provide very reliable services that allow you to easily unblock Hulu, ABC, Netflix, BBC, Sky Go, Spotify and many other services. They're also incredible cheap. You can get a VPN package for as little as $4 per month. They provide OpenVPN and their client is very robust and even allows you to change the port you are connecting through. Their support is top-notch and one of the best, if not the best in the industry.

Cons: They don't fully protect your privacy. StrongVPN currently does not include DNS protection, so your DNS requests will still be logged and can be analyzed by advertising companies. OpenVPN is only available through a special VPN package and not on demand. Server switches are limited and have to be purchased if you exceed the monthly quota. So you can't simply switch between servers every day. The special OpenVPN package only includes a few countries.

Conclusion: If you only need a VPN to unblock services in the US, you will get a reliable and robust VPN. If you are looking to protect your privacy and switch locations a lot, there are better choices.

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VyprVPN Review: The Premium-Privacy VPN

Vypr Vpn Client Interface.png

VyprVPN has been around for some times and is the leading VPN for privacy advocates. Not only does VyprVPN protect your IP address and traffic, they also protect your DNS traffic, making it the most surpreme privacy solution for the best price.

Pros: VyprVPN is all about privacy and quality. Their 24/7 support is top notch. Their pricing is transparent and easy to understand and you can select from a huge variety of countries. The company behind VyprVPN really cares about privacy and encryption and it shows. The VyprVPN client is also the most sophisticated of all clients, showing you a network output graph and useful information at a glance.

Cons: You can't change the port you are connecting through.

Conclusion: My personal favorite is VyprVPN. They care about quality and privacy. You can choose from lots of countries and servers and switch as many times as you like.

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IPVanish: The Designer Choice

Ipvanish Client Screenshot.png

IPVanish is a very elegant and cheap solution. At only 6.49 per month, you can expect a robust client that helps you to unblock US, UK, Canadian media and many other countries. Special features like an IP change after 60 minutes make it a very cool client to use. It also looks extremely cool.

Pros: IPVanish is very fast. You'll experience very little video buffering issues. You can choose from many servers and servers. It's a good choice for consumers.

Cons: During my tests I ran into some blue screens (ndis.sys) and loading issues on Windows 8 because the client makes extensive use of graphical maps. This shouldn't be a problem for most people with modern graphic cards, but it slows the client down too much.

Conclusion: If you want a pretty interface, IPVanish should be your top choice. If you prefer a fast and liteweight client that doesn't crash, go with either StrongVPN or VyprVPN.

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Overplay: Unblock HBO on Apple TV

Unblock Hbo Netflix Hulu Via Dns

Overplay provides a VPN and DNS solution. The DNS solutions allows you to watch HBO (US) outside the US using a smart DNS address. All you have to do is get an account and update 1 address in your Apple TV and you're good to go. For regular consumers who simply want to watch HBO this SmartDNS is the cheapest and most effective solution to get access to US channels.

Overplay also provides a VPN solution, but this VPN is not necessary for many services such as HBO that look at your DNS address first.

Pros: Overplay is the cheapest solution to unblock HBO, Netflix, Hulu and many other streaming services. It's also incredibly easy to use once you set it up. You have to change a single address on your Apple TV or other devices and you're set. After that all you have to do is to update your IP in the Overplay control panel once every 24 hours (or never if you use a static IP). Read more here.

Cons: -

Conclusion: If you want to watch HBO, this is your top choice. If you also want to browse websites and need privacy, you can add their VPN solution on top.

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