Resident Evil is back!

Stardock is not only distributing Red Faction trough Impulse, but also Resident Evil 5. I’ve been a great fan of Resident Evil for years. My favorite part by far was RE: Nemesis, simply because of the feeling that you would get every time Nemesis would appear (anyone?!).

With more than 3,5 million views on YouTube, you will quickly realize that there’s quite a hype about the game. The game that won’t let you sleep:

Resident Evil available on Impulse

Do you already know Impulse? It’s Stardock’s “next generation” digital publishing platform. You can compare it with the platform Steam that is distributing many online games.

With Impulse you can buy software and games for a discount price and at the same time download a lot of great tools for free.

It’s available for free here: Download Impulse

It’s a must-have for any PC-player and every PC-tweaker (stardock is *the* company with the most tweaking tools available anywhere).

Resident Evil Impressions

Published: Saturday, September 19th, 2009 Last Modified: September 19, 2009

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