Zune Marketplace Not Allowing Purchases Soon

In an Xbox blog post on Friday, the company announced that the Zune Marketplace starting August 22nd, will no longer allow for the purchase of music or videos. This move is the latest to reorganize the brands platform and get users moved over the the Xbox Music and Xbox Video programs.

The move was a result of the Xbox Live system migrating to the currency program. As of August 22nd, the Microsoft Points system will be retired, and with that the ability to purchase items on the Zune marketplace has now been affected, leaving some in the lost.


Zune Still Alive

One of the key points that Xbox and Microsoft pointed out was that users will be able to stream their current collection of music on their Zune units. The unlimited music option with the Xbox Music Pass will still be alive on Zune units. In addition, TV shows and Movies that have been purchased can still be viewed on the Zune units.

Movie Rentals Now On Xbox Video

The Zune Marketplace will now be handing over the movie rental business to the Xbox Video side. Users can rent and purchase movies and TV shows there, and be able to view them on their Windows Phone 8 and web browser.

Buy Music on Xbox Music Now

Users who used to purchase their music on the Zune Marketplace will now have to start buying their music on the Xbox Music store. The transition also allows users to still download 10 songs per month via the Zune Music Pass as well, and Microsoft isn’t changing that policy for users.

Microsoft was clear to point out that one Microsoft Points are retired, you will not be able to use them to make purchases on the Zune Marketplace. They are guiding customers to Microsoft customer support for questions in this matter. This move makes sense by Microsoft, and rounds up the move from Microsoft Points to real currency. This will also give users one place versus two to rent movies, buy music, and control their media on their various devices. This hopefully will go seamlessly and without problems, but all these types of transitions usually leave a few people out.

Published: Monday, August 19th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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