ZTE Windows 8 Tablet vs. Apple’s iPad 2

ZTE, a high profile Chinese OEM, is going toe on toe with Apple’s iPad 2. The ZTE tablet will be running Windows 8, possibly on the ARM platform.

ZTE Windows 8 Tablet

ZTE To Make Windows 8 Tablet In Response To iPad2

ZTE has a good position in the global telecommunications industry, especially in the mobile segment with various devices like mobile broadband dongles and other wireless communication products. They have also started making phones and smartphones.

They have recently announced that they intend to launch their own tablet device, which will be targeted directly at the iPad2. The director of mobile devices for the company confirmed that the device would be running the forthcoming Windows 8 OS that was recently previewed by Microsoft.

Windows 8 Figures Prominently On ZTE Road Map

The ZTE director also commented on their plans regarding Windows 8, saying that the OS is definitely a part of the company’s plans for the near future and is included in the roadmap for the coming releases. According to him, ZTE plans to launch as many as 30 new phone models, including Windows 8 smartphones, similar to the existing ZTE model called Tania.

In the tablet space, ZTE already has the Light-2 and the Light-10. The 7inch Light-2 was the first tablet to get the Pixel Qi hybrid display that fuses high contrast, non-backlit screen for viewing under direct day light and a normal backlit LCD screen for low light viewing. The 10inch Light-10 has a DVB-tuner as a special feature.

It is likely that the company will be using ARM processors, or else it will not be able to cope up with the battery life ratings of the model it intends to compete with — the still unreleased iPad2.

Windows 8 is expect to create a tablet boom all over again as Microsoft’s massive OEM reach is leveraged by the forthcoming OS.

Published: Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 Last Modified: September 28, 2011

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