Zombie Playground: The Zombie Game I Might Actually + Theme

Zombie Playground Zombie Playground: The Zombie Game I Might Actually Enjoy Zombie games aren’t boring, you say? Are they with kids? (Plus Windows 7 themes)

Zombie games are perhaps the most uninspiring to me, but Zombie Playground looks interesting

Why? Because Zombie Playground actually looks fun, removing the security of a huge world and putting a zombie outbreak in a closed environment – a school. That means you know that zombies are in a school, and you know there are a limited amount of rooms to move between. Playground is an online RPG, where you play as kids in a zombie outbreak (it seems like you’re trapped, and the extent to go outside of the school is in the playground). The game is based around scavenging for weapons and, as I said, moving between classrooms. That’s interesting to me because it potentially means you could accidentally have zombies coming from both sides, and find yourself therefore sandwiched in a room such as the gym. Though the inclusion of kids doesn’t mean Playground is appealing to that demographic: there’s violence, there’s a scary atmosphere, engaging combat and plenty of zombies that will be putting you behind the sofa because you’re that scared. Honestly: there’s a concept of a plastic human body showing the anatomy with tentacles coming out so it can walk.

Imagined Zombie Outbreaks? This Game Is For You

The developers chose kids because it plays into the wild imaginations kids have, and so using guns and swords and baseball bats to fight off zombies is both exciting and terrifying. The game itself is a third-person, onlinr RPG with co-op (please be drop in, drop out, please). There’s also an emphasis on teamwork, and upgrading the character in the meta game. Reading the page, the devs said that every play-style is supported. To me that sounds like Guild Wars 2 where there are no predefined classes, but then there’s concept art of a Tank character so that’s a little confusing. If you’re convinced and want to donate, then here’s some of what you can get. $15 gets the standard digital edition, $200 gets the closed alpha (a bit steep in my opinion), a quick pass to future characters for $1,500 and $10,000 puts you in the game as the school principal. Expect Zombie Playground for Mac, PC and maybe even Linux sometime in March 2013.


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Published: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 Last Modified: January 21, 2016

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