Zip And Unzip With Winzip On Windows 10

Whether you want to like it or not, one of the most frequently done utilities on a computer system can be zipping and unzipping files. The compression method makes for easier file transfers, and now Winzip has made its Windows 10 a UWA.

With the transition of the Winzip app to a Universal Windows App or UWA, they can make one app for the desktop, tablet, and phone space. It makes for easier updates, and gives users constant security updates and bug fixes, without multiple releases.

Windows 10 Users Get Enhanced Winzip App For Zipping Files

Winzip Windows 10 Features

With Winzip, you can open .zip files and 22 other formats with total ease. It has full support for the Windows 10 OS, and lets users save to .zip and .zipx formats with security as its main focus. This includes military-grade encryption as well.

The Windows 10 UWA of Winzip also includes Cortana integration. This allows you to ask the assistant to zip and unzip files with Cortana, which can make for interesting times. We haven’t tried that, but it sounds pretty awesome.

Winzip Updates Windows 10 App For Universal Support

Cloud Support & Social Integration

The Winzip Windows 10 app works with a number of cloud services. These include DropBox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive. Users can upload and download files, do that before posting, and share links to these cloud stored zipped files via email.

It includes a ZipShare file delivery service for larger files, and has a ton of social media components as well. You can share files across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other services. This makes zipping files so much easier than ever before.

If you use .zip files a lot, try Winzip for Windows 10. It’s the leader of utilities, and now has a great UWA update that makes it even better.

Published: Thursday, May 5th, 2016 Last Modified: May 5, 2016

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