Zen Brings Adult Coloring Books To Windows 10

When we were all children, the joys of a coloring book brought us hours of pleasure, and it kept us occupied for days on end. Now, a company named Zen has brought a new Zen: Coloring Book for Adults to the Windows Store, and its made for Windows 10 users.

While the thought of a coloring book for adults might shun away a number of Windows 10 users, the thought of relaxing while just coloring will certainly attract others. It brings technology and art together in an awesome coloring book app for adults.

Zen Adult Coloring App Brings Coloring To Windows 10

Zen Coloring

With the Zen app, it brings users a wimple main page, and it then directs the user to the coloring page collection. It comes with two collections currently, and has forty coloring pages. It features a $2.99 upgrade that brings more and no ads as well.

There is plenty of free range coloring space available for Windows 10 users to enjoy, and it has a bunch of tools to enjoy. You can use pencil shading, various brushes, fill tools, ways to use numerous colors, and zoom in and out with ease.

Coloring Fans Rejoice With Zen Coloring App For Windows 10

Touch Coloring Included

The Zen Coloring Book for Adults does what no other type of coloring book has done though, it brings touch painting plus mouse/touchpad controls. Users can use their fingers, pens, or stylus devices to paint on the screen and enjoy at any time.

The app also includes great sharing features, and lets the user share their pictures on the app itself. You are given various filters to enhance your picture, and gives you a wild set of features that makes adult coloring fun again.

Try this app out if you want to space out and color. It’s free, and fun to enjoy.



Published: Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 Last Modified: June 29, 2016

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