Zelda Series To Get “Dynasty Warriors” Style Spin Off

This is one that will be sure to divide fans but what came we expect from the Zelda spin off recently announced by Nintendo?

Legend of Zelda Meets Dynasty Warriors

It’s been a tough year for Nintendo with their flagship console the Wii U struggling to match the sales and revenue of its predecessor. It’s no surprise that Nintendo have taken the steps to announce a flurry of fan favourite titles that are set to get everyone talking about the Wii U once more.

A new Mario game in Super Mario 3D World has gone down well with critics and they have also released an update to Legend of Zelda:A Link to the Past in A Link Between Worlds. Donkey Kong Country: Topical Freeze is also due out for the Wii U in the next year.

New Zelda Wii U

It is certainly clear that potentially quality games are coming thick and fast for Nintendos console – so it might come as a suprise to some that Nintendo have allowed the makers of Dynasty Warrios use their Legend of Zelda series as basis for a new adventure starring the main protagnist Link.

New Zelda is Not Part of Main Franchise – Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

“Hyrule Warriors” is going to be developed in a partnership with Tecmo Koei – the crowd behind the aforementioned Dynasty Warriors series.

The game certainly resembles a hybrid between the two worlds and brings the large, open combat levels that are integral to Dynasty Warriors to Hyrule and the trailer shows the gameplay to be very similar to the hack n’ slash series also. Of course Link is the playable character shown.

Hyrule Warriors 2014 WiiU

It is definitely a big departure from traditional Legend of Zelda releases by Nintendo. They have normally fell into two categories of either being an epic new adventure or and upgraded and enhanced version of an older one.

Hyrule Warriors Set To Touch Down in 2014

The game has definitely come as a shock to the gaming community but this is not a bad thing by any means.

You can be sure that Nintendo did their due diligence before renting out the Zelda franchise to any developer. Where The Legend of Zelda is more concerned with solving puzzles and clever combat, Hyrule Warrios is set to amplify the combat into a full-fledged hack and slahsher that judging by the trailer will throw dozens of enemies at the player.

Zelda Dynasty Warriors Mash Up

Will the game impress on release? It’s Zelda–Dynasty-Warriors-Mash-Up hard to tell at this stage but it is slated for a 2014 release and we will be keeping you updated when more information is released.

Published: Saturday, December 21st, 2013 Last Modified: December 21, 2013

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