ZDNet uncovers Windows 8 SKUs on HP website, includes 32- and 64-bit editions

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Windows 8 coming in three versions according to HP leaks, now removed

HP websites leaks Windows 8 SKUs to reveal three different flavours of upcoming OS, since removed, but suggests more unified approach

In a somewhat unfortunate move, considering Microsoft is unveiling its Consumer Preview of Windows 8 tomorrow, HP’s listing for the Alcor Micro Smart Card Reader Driver accidentally listed the flavours of Windows 8 that it will support. These are:

• Microsoft Windows 8 32-bit edition
• Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit edition
• Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise 32-bit Edition
• Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit Edition
• Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32-bit Edition
• Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64-bit Edition

The current range of operating systems for Windows 7 are: Windows 7 Starter for Netbooks, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate with each versions coming in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. If HP’s leaks are true, then that would mean Windows 8 is moving down from 12 versions in total to six. That means there will only be three tiers when going to retail, with the simply-titled ‘Windows 8” seeming to be the consumer version of the OS. Windows 7 has half of its six editions when initially going to retail, while Windows Vista had a confusing six versions when launching in retail which were: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate.

Up until this point there had been no word on what versions of Windows 8 consumers would be getting, as Steven Sinofsky had said that the various versions were not “announced until late in the development process” and that from now to release “things will change.” Sinofsky also said that Media Player will be a part of Windows 8 because, despite costing more, users are simply saying to ‘charge more, and we’ll buy it.’

It is important to stress, as ZDNet highlight, that these versions of Windows 8 are certainly not confirmed and could be provisional entries (though HP have since taken them down, since the initial posting by ZDNet) or placeholders until Microsoft make an announcement.

ZDNet also posted a document online which shows the various versions of Windows 8, with x64 and x86 “client” versions for laptops appearing along with a x64 “server” version.

Published: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Last Modified: February 28, 2012

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