Zattoo – an alternative to built-in Windows 7 Internet TV?

Zattoo is becoming pretty popular these days. Microsoft implemented Internet-TV into the Windows Media Center and surprised everyone, but Microsoft still has to find more Internet-TV providers for their service. An alternative to the built-in Internet-TV is Zattoo, which is completely free.

Zatto Windows 7

Watching Internet-TV for free

Unfortunately, they haven’t released a Windows7-optimized edition of Zattoo, but the Vista edition works just fine on x32 and x64 systems. The picture quality of Zattoo is ok and when I used it, it never had any buffering problems. It’s not like YouTube where you have to wait a couple seconds or even minutes before you can watch a video. I’ve seen a pretty cool film on a local tv station and it only stopped once in 2hours!

You can download the latest edition of Zattoo 3.3.4 Beta here: Download Zattoo (Vista/Windows7)

If you have problems with Zattoo, e.g. if you can hear sound, but the picture is missing or something similar, you should try to check “Lock Aspect Ratio”:

Zattoo Lock Aspect Ratio

In my country they haven’t added all of the local tv stations, but I’m sure soon more and more stations will realize that they can’t completely ignore it. How about your country?

Published: Monday, November 2nd, 2009 Last Modified: November 2, 2009

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