YouTube App For Windows Phone Available Again

On Tuesday, fans and users of the YouTube app for Windows Phone should rejoice. The YouTube app came back to the Windows Phone market, and users are now able to download it from the Windows Phone store starting today.

The Windows Phone market and Google have had their rounds of fighting in the past few months, and this seems to settle the differences between the company. Users seemed to suffer as a result of the removal of the YouTube app, but now they can watch their favorite YouTube videos anywhere they want.


Working together to create the app

Over the past few months, the inclusion of the YouTube app for Windows Phone, then the removal of it, then it back, and then removal has led users to be upset. Together, the two tech giants put aside their differences and were able to create a YouTube app for Windows Phones that satisfies both companies, and gives users a positive experience using the app on Windows Phone.

Video support now included

One of the huge additions and mentions of the YouTube app is the video upload support. Now, users of Windows Phones can easily upload their favorite videos and content to YouTube directly. Users can also stream live content to their phones, which for live broadcasts makes a huge difference. It does require Wi-Fi though, but users wil be to do these functions with the new YouTube app starting immediately.

Voice search and voice navigation improved

Some of the last improvements made to the YouTube app include improved voice search and navigation functions. Users can search easier, and access their profile pages much more easier than before. Live tiles can be used to pin favorite videos and channels, and users can access their uploads and video lists with a simple press of the button.

The new YouTube app for Windows Phone is available to Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows 8 Phone users and is available today on the Windows Phone app store. Users who use YouTube a ton have already downloaded their updates we assume. It makes for a great experience on the Windows Phone, and gives users back their YouTube that they have been wanting for and desiring.

Published: Friday, August 16th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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