YouTube App For Xbox One Official

One of the biggest questions about the next generation Xbox One from Microsoft was how YouTube was going to be integrated on the console. On Wednesday, Microsoft and Xbox’s Social Liaison Major Nelson announced that the Xbox One would have a dedicated YouTube app on it.

The native YouTube app should give Xbox One users a reason to celebrate when they crack open their units starting Friday. The native YouTube client is exclusive to the Xbox One, and something that Playstation 4 users don’t have as of yet. An app versus a PS4 browser option should lean crowds towards the Xbox One.

Xbox One and YouTube Get Official App On Day One Launch

YouTube On Microsoft’s Xbox One

The addition of the official YouTube app on the Xbox One will support channel subscriptions along with other features starting from day one. In addition, users will be able to use the Kinect-based gesture and voice commands to open videos, snap them to the side, and get their favorite YouTube videos on their big screens.

The YouTube app on the Xbox One settles down some of the concerns that people and the tech industry had between Microsoft and Google. The two companies have been fighting on the YouTube app for mobile devices, but having it on the Xbox One is pretty much a must. Users can also send videos to their consoles via Android and iOS apps too.

Enjoy YouTube As An App On Microsoft's Xbox One

Why Is This Big For Microsoft?

The addition of the YouTube app on the Xbox One is big for Microsoft. It gives Microsoft an edge over the Playstation 4 since it doesn’t have an official app. The app will allow users to view videos on YouTube, play their next generation games, and enjoy the multitude of entertainment choices all within the Xbox One system. It will give it an edge it needs.

Some have questioned the $499 price on the Xbox One, but with the Kinect and YouTube apps being baked into the unit, this might quiet them down. Microsoft is betting big on the Xbox One for its future, and this definitely helps them. The combination of voice commands, the Kinect support, and snap features in the future, will make the Xbox One a YouTube lovers perfect console.

I enjoy YouTube as much as anyone, and am glad to see it launch as an app. The Playstation 4 experience sucks, so the Xbox One app will make Microsoft a true choice for fans.

Published: Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Last Modified: November 24, 2013

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