You Can Still Watch DVD’s On Windows 10 With Windows DVD Player

Watching a DVD on your computer used to be something that many people did,a and Microsoft included the DVD player app to let people do it anytime they wanted. Microsoft took out the DVD player app with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, but still sells the app for users.

The Windows DVD Player for Windows 10 app, is especially built for those who want to watch DVD’s on their desktops or laptops. Many still use it for movies, education, business, and other needs, and the $15 app lets that happen on Windows 10.

Play DVD's On Your Windows 10 System With Official App

Windows DVD Player Features

While the Windows DVD Player for Windows 10 seems like a easy app to figure out, its main goal is to let users play DVDs on their PC’s, while offfering them easy navigation while enjoying them. It’s built from Microsoft and is a easy purchase.

The app though has gotten better with Windows 10, and now includes the ability to read the DVD automatically, it includes an easier to read playback bar, it will prompt users for the region code, it supports basic keyboard interactions, and more.

Still Enjoy DVD's With Microsoft's Windows 10 DVD Player App

A DVD App Really?

With the age of digital and streaming media accelerating quicker than ever before, many ask if this Windows DVD Player app for $14.99 is actually needed. If you watch DVD’s a lot, then a $15 purchase is the price of a new DVD for many.

There are a number of similar type apps on the Windows Store, but they aren’t officially built by Microsoft, and they focus the streaming or downloaded file niche. This though, is a fully functioned DVD player app, but one that Microsoft should include, versus charge for in my opinion.

Windows DVD Player app is available from the Windows Store. I still love DVD’s on my desktop, and love the app, but for $15 would have loved it to be free.

Published: Thursday, November 10th, 2016 Last Modified: November 10, 2016

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