You Can Now Sign Up for Xbox 360’s 2013 Live Update

On Friday, Microsoft announced that users will be able to sign up for the upcoming 2013 Xbox Live Update. The announcement on the Xbox blog, gives user the ability to sign up for the upcoming beta, which is highly anticipated by Xbox users.

The Friday announcement gives Xbox 360 users new reasons to love their Xbox 360 consoles, as the early public beta registration gives users hopefully early access to the upcoming updates to their systems. It is generally signed up for quickly and gives users reasons to love their Xbox’s.


Only In The USA Sorry

In the blog post by Microsoft, Xbox announced that the public beta registration will only be available throughout the world, and would be excluding Japan for now. The hope is that the Xbox 360 Live Update will be available to them on a later date, and Japan is generally last in line for these types of updates.

Limited Spots Available

Microsoft usually makes a limited number of spots available for the Xbox Live Update to users. It’s a highly coveted spot for Xbox Live users, and usually gives eager Xbox 360 users the first crack on the upcoming Live Dashboard updates. As Major Nelson, of Xbox fame generally announces this on his blog as the community manager, it gets spread out quickly on social media, and the spots fill up very quickly.

Updates and Real Money Included

Not a ton of new info is known about the Xbox 360 Live Update besides the ability to have updates that improve overall performance. Also, users will be able to purchase content with real US dollars versus Microsoft Points, a big relief over the MS points program as before.

As this update by Microsoft is highly anticipated each year, the latest check already shows that the signups may have already been completed. The process is guarded under close NDA, and it gives testers the ability to test upcoming Microsoft Xbox Live updates for the gaming company. Not much during the testing process is known to the outside world, because of the NDA, but system upgrades and MS points for future purchases is generally enough for most Xbox 360 users to enjoy.

Published: Monday, July 8th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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