Yammer Share Button Built For The Web

Yammer is a program that is mainly for the business and enterprise world, and sharing information with colleagues and business partners can often be challenging, and new tools are being developed by the minute to help these customers. Microsoft on Tuesday rolled out a new Yammer Share Button to help.

While Yammer is still a product that is made for businesses, business can start using this Yammer Share Button today. It will allow colleague and partners to share information within their Yammer network, and get ahead with breaking information and ideas.

Microsoft's Yammer Puts Together Share Button

Sharing Made Easy

With the Yammer Share Button, users can share useful web content directly into their network, and get the most amount of information to other colleagues in their network. Users can select groups, colleagues, or specific people to share the information with, and this is important for example if managers want to share ideas, sales people, and so on.

Microsoft has taken an example on their Customer Success Cente and blog, and put the share button on the site. This makes it easy to share articles on the site, share specific PDF files, spreadsheets, and more with users on the site. Share buttons are going to be put within the Yammer sites more in the future as well.

Microsoft's Yammer Gives Business Users New Sharing And Embeddable Tool

Embedding Share Buttons On Sites

The other thing that Yammer did with the Yammer Share Button, is to make it easy for business customers to include it on their websites. Yammer has a easy to use tutorial to help users embed the share button on their sites, whether they are internal or on the web. It is a super lightweight tool, and doesn’t require much professional design help at all.

By embedding the Yammer Share Button on internal sites, company employees can share data internally, share articles, and more. On the web, these buttons can help with sharing research, data, and external data for business strategy sessions and more. It turns out to be a very simple solution for those looking to share data and links within their organization, using the backbone of Yammer which has shown to be a very suceessful platform on its own.

I checked it out and its pretty slick. I’ve used Yammer a few times, and can see how this really makes sense.

Published: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: October 22, 2014

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