Yammer Resource Center Opens For Enterprise Customers

Yammer is a Microsoft product, and ever since the company purchased it, they have rolled the product deeper into the enterprise at an alarming rate. On Tuesday, Microsoft rolled out the Yammer Resource Center, which is aimed to help businesses use Yammer in the enterprise more efficiently.

The one stop hub for enterprise social networking, or ESN, is the area that Yammer enterprise customers will able to visit for all their Yammer needs. It will bring together reports, videos, guides, and other tools to help businesses understand social media better and more efficiently.

Microsoft Launches Yammer Resource Center

Engage, Collaborate and Innovate

The three main focuses of Microsoft’s Yammer Resource Center is aimed to help businesses engage with their customers, collaborate with teams within the companies, and to innovate with their products. The vast amount of data held within the Yammer Resource Center is immense and any business social media manager will find it very valuable.

The best thing about this is that the Yammer Resource Center is free for Yammer customers. It offers them reports, business white papers, videos, and other tools for absolutely no charge, in addition to their normal Yammer costs. As businesses continue to evolve and build social media presence, Yammer is quickly becoming a hot tool.

Microsoft's Yammer Quickly Becomes Enterprise's Must Have Tool

Microsoft In Enterprise Social

This move to elevate Yammer with the Yammer Resource Center is the latest move by Microsoft to get further into the enterprise. Microsoft has used its Bing tool for consumers, but has Yammer to reach into the enterprise grasps. This tool is used by many Fortune 500 companies, and will soon become a huge hit for sure.

Since Yammer allows coworkers to connect, stay together, share conversations, and to build project together, Yammer is a enterprise dream product. Microsoft paid a lot of money for the company years ago, but is quickly making it a smart purchase with its enterprise moves and this move today. I truly believe Microsoft wants to become the biggest enterprise service provider around, and tools like Yammer and Azure are there to do it. Best of all, with low prices and scalability, they are able to do it efficiently.

I’ve used Yammer on occasion and enjoy using it. I’m not in a large scale enterprise, but can see its value and this announcement can only help enterprises grow.

Published: Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 Last Modified: January 29, 2014

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