Yammer Gets Update For Salesforce Integration

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in its Yammer enterprise tool for users, and with its continual evolution, it makes huge progress to please users. On Wednesday, Microsoft introduced new integration with salesforce.com, and should gain more salesforce customers with its updates.

The brand new updates to Yammer are sure to get support from enterprise customers, and especially get them wanting to use Yammer. The code solution will make salesforce.com even stronger, and as Microsoft and Salesforce build partnerships, it will give users what they want.

Microsoft's Yammer Gets API Support With Salesforce

New Sample Code Introduced

With the new updates, Yammer is allowing companies to work like a network, and allow for users in networks to track progress of accounts, opportunities, leads, and campaigns within Salesforce. With users getting getting these updates, coworkers can collaborate from any department using Yammer.

This integration sample code solution uses the Yammer API platform to build the gap between the two applications. A Salesforce user for example can engage with colleagues that are not using CRM to build their relationships, and then invite those users into the CRM for a better relationship.

Microsoft Positioning Yammer As Key Salesforce Tool For Enterprise Users

Widgets and Open Graph Support

Yammer has a very rich extensibility, and allows users to embed widgets and open graph feeds that are produced with the Yammer API platform. It will allow the API to interact with other applications as well. Applications like CRM, ERP, and HR systems are examples that than work with Yammer, Dynamics CRM, and other Microsoft products.

The Yammer Developer Center has been overdone by Microsoft, and is courting enterprise users with its new tools and sample code. Microsoft has built a strong relationship with Salesforce in recent months, and with both companies having thousands of customers, it makes sense that Yammer works better with Salesforce. It will only lead to more exciting products between the companies, and both companies are eager to bring more enterprise solutions to users. Microsoft has also launched Yammer developer videos on how to use Yammer with the Salesforce product, and while Yammer is still an enterprise tool, it can certainly be the best enterprise tool for Salesforce customers.

This is a great tool for Yammer and Salesforce. It is the first of the collaboration tools between them, and certainly not the last.

Published: Thursday, June 19th, 2014 Last Modified: June 19, 2014

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