Yammer Gets Office 365 Support Plus Red Stripe Promos Featuring Bejeweled LIVE

Yammer is one of the most successful enterprise and business tools that Microsoft has acquired over the years, and making it work with Office 365 has been a chore. On Thursday, that chore has ended with support for Office 365 with Yammer. Plus hot Red Stripe deals on the Windows Store.

The latest Red Stripe deals are Microsoft’s gifts to Windows users, and this weeks promo features one of the hottest games out: Bejeweled LIVE. The compulsive game will keep you playing for hours, and hopefully not thinking about work, but if you do, Yammer will now by Office 365 friendly.

Microsoft Gives Users Yammer Login Support With Office 365 Credentials

Office 365 Support With Yammer

Users starting today can use their Office 365 credentials to sign into Yammer. This means that they won’t have to manage two different logins, and once a user logins into Yammer with their organizations Office 365 login page, it will simply work with Yammer. This seamless entry point will give enterprise users all business apps in one place.

It will be rolled out today, and over the next few months. Those with Yammer Enterprise and Yammer single sign-on will see it immediately, and businesses are encouraged to use Yammer as their default social network to get the updates. The new Yammer feature should please both Yammer and Office 365 users today.

Microsoft's Red Stripe Deals Go Live With Violett

On Thursday, the latest Red Stripe Deals came out from Microsoft, and the latest list of games and apps are very impressive to say the least. The biggest one by far, is Bejeweled LIVE. It’s available for the WIndows Phone and Windows systems, and provides a number of ways to play the puzzle game for anyone.

Additionally, programs like Violett, Mystery of the Opera, Sparkle Unleashed, Lost Echo, Hills of Glory 3D, Garden Rescue, and Rescue Team were also announced for this weeks promotions. These games are available for the week, and are great bargains for those looking for Windows games and apps. These deals are perfect for Windows Store users, and for those who love deals.

Windows Red Stripe Deals are always great deals. Now, business users getting Yammer means easier integration at their workplace as well.

Published: Saturday, November 15th, 2014 Last Modified: November 15, 2014

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