Yammer Gets Mobile App Improvements

Ever since Microsoft spent the billions to purchase Yammer, Microsoft has slowly integrated it into its business core of products. It’s been gaining in popularity, but its mobile app usage has lagged. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued mobile app updates for Yammer, making this social network app soar.

The new apps for Yammer are focused on the iOS and Android platforms, and they greatly improve the performance of Yammer on these mobile platforms. There have been vast improvements made to both versions of the Yammer app, and this will allow social networks within companies to be accessed from anywhere.

Microsoft Updates Yammer For iOS and Android Platforms

Yammer On iOS 8 With Handoff Support

The biggest update to Yammer for iOS is the update for handoffs. This update for iOS 8 includes handoff support for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Now, users can seamlessly continue on each device with just a swipe. They can go from one device to another, and its simple to do, and is able to be done with any iOS 8 device.

Yammer also got Android Wear support on Tuesday, and this means that Android Wear watches can get Yammer messages on the go. Users can read messages, like team messages, and reply with voice commands. All the user has to do is install the Yammer app on their phone, and it seamlessly works with the Moto 360 and other Android Wear watches.

Microsoft Shows Off Yammer Update For Android

Other Mobile Updates and Fixes

Yammer also got other mobile updates on Tuesday. Users can like posts directly from the new mobvile apps, and usability enhancements have been integrated in the app. Users can roll up the threads and have it flash the LED on the phone. Users can also share links, photos, and more in a Yammer group from their mobile device too.

Microsoft clearly sees Yammer as a huge tool for businesses and enterprises, and issued updates to get businesses using it more. Yammer is set to accelerate the updates on the app, and scale the apps for mobile users. Yammer is looking to improve with user support, and these updates are just the beginning.

Yammer got great iOS and Android updates. Business users will see these improvements right away.

Published: Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 Last Modified: February 4, 2015

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