Yammer Gets Exciting Optimization Features

As we have written about in the past, Yammer is one of those tools that users use in the business and enterprise world a lot. It’s a billion dollar piece of social software, and lets users learn more about their social media teams, campaigns, and more. Friday gave them new optimization features that have been sorely missing for many.

Yammer has gotten a ton of new features since Microsoft bought them, and Microsoft has given users a lot of exciting updates as well. The new optimization features released on Friday, should give teams and businesses ways to focus on their needs, optimize campaigns for customers, and utilize Yammer much better than before.

Microsoft Releases Optimization Tools For Yammer

Web Updates

Users will see new current home feeds named Discovery feeds. These will see conversations, missed conversations, and updates from relevant groups. Second, real-time indicators will be seen on the left-hand navigation pane, and this will let groups see active groups, teammates, and more when they are online.

Microsoft and Yammer are also giving users full-width headers and a cleaner look, so they can pay attention to high-impact activity and content. Wider feeds will also appear for team conversations. Lastly, next group notifications have been introduced, allowing users to navigate to their next group easier, and finish projects faster.

Microsoft Gives Mobile Users Better Yammer Tools To Utilize

Yammer Mobile Updates

In addition to the desktop updates, Microsoft is also updating the mobile experience for Yammmer. Microsoft first introduces Apple Watch support, and lets users see and react on the go. Second, new photo-sharing and markup tools are available in the mobile experience, letting users attach multiple images and call out features.

Microsoft is also letting users attach files from external file storage services, allow for inline at mentioning, and the ability to search and invite co-workers by email. Finding files for updating on external sources has been sorely missing, and users can now use OneDrive, Dropbox, and their mobile devices starting today.

Yammer is a cool enterprise tool and works well. The new updates are available today, and worth trying out if you are a social person or team member.

Published: Sunday, August 16th, 2015 Last Modified: August 16, 2015

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