Yammer Gains Easier Office 365 Login Tools

Yammer is one of Microsoft’s most popular social media tools, and is used by enterprises around the world. On Tuesday, Microsoft gave those who use Yammer a great way to log into the Yammer experience, and if they use Office 365, it makes it even easier with the released tools from Microsoft.

Office 365 and Yammer are quickly being seen by Microsoft as huge enterprise and business tools, and is giving enterprise customers tools to manage their companies. The new Office user mapping between the products as released on Tuesday is aimed to give them these tools for daily use.

Office 365 And Yammer Gain Easy Login Tools From Microsoft

User Mapping Key To Yammer Login Ease

Microsoft in its Office 365 blog announced the release of the user mapping tool in Office 365 for Yammer use. By logging into the admin tools in SharePoint, users within the settings menu can find the Yammer.com options. Those options will be in the enterprise social collaboration and will be available starting today.

Now, when people choose Yammer from the Office 365 menu, users won’t have to log in again, and people can start using Yammer right away. The full update is expected to roll out to all SharePoint and Office 365 users by April 2014, but manual updates can be done to make sure that the enterprise tool is available for login today.

Yammer From Microsoft Is Huge For Enterprises And Businesses

Using Yammer For Newsfeeds

Enterprise users can also use Yammer and the Office 365 login tool to manage their newsfeeds within their organizations. Within the admin area, users can click the SharePoint Newsfeed Button to clear it, and then choose the use Yammer.com service and then press OK to apply the changes. Yammer will then be used to manage the newsfeeds for enterprises and businesses.

Yammer and Office 365 are quickly becoming huge enterprise plays, and Microsoft is trying to make it easier for companies to use both products. I’m a huge fan of the Microsoft enterprise vision, and Office 365 and Yammer are two of the biggest tools along with Windows Azure to do this. It should work, and make both services bigger than ever before.

I’ve used Yammer and it is a great business social tool. I can see why Microsoft bought them, and with Office 365 it makes a powerful duo.

Published: Thursday, February 20th, 2014 Last Modified: February 20, 2014

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