Xim App Gets Update For Xbox One Support

Microsoft labs and research is one of the gems of the computer and tech industry, and what they are working on is generally amazing. Since October, Microsoft has been quietly updating a mobile app named Xim, and with its updates will allow users to share photos to an Xbox One in a new way.

Xim is an app from Microsoft that has been available for Android phones and Windows Phones. It’s been climbing the charts slowly, and a 1.3 update on Wednesday ensures that it continues to gain users. This exciting new app bundles ad hoc networking with social sharing to make sharing fun.

Microsoft Updates Xim App To 1.3 With Major Updates

Xim Explained

Xim is a mobile app released by Microsoft, and it allows users in a group to create a temporary network between phones to share photos with others. This is exciting since it means you don’t have to give up your device, and friends can folllow along with their phones or tablets, and makes for a fun photo show.

This is perfect for family gatherings, social gatherings, and other groups that want to share photos. One person for example could share their family photos with other family members, and do color commentary for the others to enjoy. This makes for something more than just posting photos on Facebook, and making sharing fun.

Microsoft's Xim Gets Streaming Media Device Support With 1.3 Update

Xim 1.3 Update

With the update to Xim to a 1.3 version release, Microsoft has made it able for users to connect to a big screen with their photo sharing. Users can connect using their Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Amazon Fire TV. This all happens by connecting to a wireless network, and Xim automatically connecting to these devices.

A fun example as described on their blog post, is where a user is at home and someone calls them. That person can then start a Xim session, pair their device to the streaming media player, and then control those images over their mobile phone. This makes sharing fun, and allows for big screens to be shared as well.

Xim is a fun and exciting app from Microsoft. It’s still a test project, but shows Xim and Microsoft know mobile.

Published: Thursday, December 18th, 2014 Last Modified: December 18, 2014

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