– Rumor Spreads That Xbox 720 Will Be Unveiled in April 2013

Xbox 720 Event_ll Microsoft grabbed a domain called – and rumor has it that we’ll get an official Xbox 720 announcement in a couple weeks down the road

Rumor: Xbox Event in April

XboxEvent was registered by Eventcore, an event planning company that previously worked with Microsoft. We’re super excited to see what Microsoft has to offer. If they want to compete with Sony and Nintendo and make the Xbox the best selling console on the market again, they really have to deliver big this time, because Sony is trying hard to bring back that initial excitement of the 90’s when the Playstation 1 was launched.

Xbox 720 With Built-In Touch UI and Motion Sensors?

Nintendo’s HD console hit the market back in November and now that Sony finally announced that their Playstation 4 will ship later this year, Microsoft won’t wait much longer to unveil their new console. Does Microsoft still have something up their sleeves that would simply blow us away? We think so.

Yes, Microsoft will probably also embrace the “cloud”. And yes, the new Xbox 720 or Xbox 8 will work nicely together with Windows 8, but what else? Could the new Xbox already come with a built-in motion sensor like the Kinect? Considering how much work Microsoft put into Windows 8 to make their new OS touch-friendly, it would also make sense if the new Xbox also comes with a touch interface and allows gamers to buy games directly from the new Windows store.


Published: Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: February 23, 2013

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