Xbox Store To Merge With Windows Store, Windows 8 Will Include Xbox Games

Xbox Store Windows Store Merger_thumb.jpg 1According to a recent rumor, the Xbox Store is going to merge in to the Windows Store and feature as its own branded section within the Windows Store on Windows 8.

Windows Store On Windows 8 To Have Xbox Branded Section For Games

After the The Verge reported about the Xbox titles that would be sold on the Windows Store For Windows 8, The Daily has recently received word from sources close to the matter that the Xbox store will merge in to the Windows Store on Windows 8. Instead of games being sold on the Windows Store under the usual moniker “Games For Windows”, the games will be falling under an Xbox area where users will have the full Xbox Live experience with achievements and friends lists, etc. The interface would be similar to the feel of the Xbox app for iPad.

Of course, Xbox Live will currently sale on Xbox content because it has no use for Windows apps. Plus the new Xbox dashboard looks just like the Metro UI Windows Store on Windows 8. However, there’s no telling whether Microsoft will start offering apps for the Xbox in the future from a Windows Store on Xbox.

Even though the games that will appear for sale during the Consumer Preview launch will be older games, newer ones are already halfway through development says The Daily’s source. According to the post, some of the games that are in development have had their launches pushed back just to come out at the same time as Windows 8 later this year in September some time.

The Xbox section on Windows Store was a logical step that was just waiting to happen. However, it is definitely good thing to happen right before the consumer preview is launched at the end of this month. Separate sources of confirmed invites going out from Microsoft for a 29 Feb 2012 Windows 8 Preview event that coincides with the World Mobile Congress happening at Barcelona, Spain.

Published: Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 Last Modified: February 15, 2012

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