Xbox Originals Announced As Xbox Original Content Productions

As Microsoft is looking to make Xbox more of a platform for original content, the need to produce original content for it has become very apparent. On Monday, Microsoft and Xbox officially announced the launch of six different Xbox Originals, available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft devices.

These Xbox Originals are meant to get more people to subscribe to Xbox Live, and to get people to buy the Xbox consoles. They are a wide variety of different programming options, but should offer enough to make people watch it on Xbox, and get some to try it for the first time.

Microsoft Launches Xbox Originals On Monday As Original Content Deal

Project Committed To Xbox

Micrososft has committed to a number of series already, with the first being the Halo television series. It will be based on the best selling game, and be produced by Steven Spielberg, and will be live-action. Second will be Every Street United, and will be a thirty-minute reality series to find soccer’s most gifted player across eight countries.

Other projects slated for the Xbox Originals lineup this year include Bonnaroo. This music and arts festival held June 13 to June 15, will have huge bands, multiple stages, and Xbox original content to view and listen to. Other noted productions include Signal to Noise, Atari: Game Over, Humans, and a Halo digital feature.

Xbox Live Plus Xbox Originals Makes Microsoft An Original Content Prodcuer

Projects In Development

While some Xbox Originals have been committed to by Microsoft, others are still in development, and have some room to grow. One is called Deadlands, which is based on the pen and paper role playing game. Another is Extraordinary Believers based on the creators of Robot Chicken. Another on is Fearless, which is based on fearless individuals.

Lastly, other Xbox Originals in development include Gun Machine, an Untitled JASH comedy, a variety half hour, and Winterworld. All of these point to Xbox and Microsoft getting very real about original content, and wanting to compete against Amazon, Netflix, and others for original content deals. It will be interesting to see if these programs get people to signup and buy Xbox Live, and will be a big bet for Microsoft.

I’m torn on this move by Microsoft. It’s great new content, but a huge risk if it fails. We will see later this year.

Published: Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 Last Modified: April 29, 2014

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