Xbox One With Updates Plus Skype To China

Tuesday had some excitement with Microsoft as two different updates occurred for users for its products. For Xbox One users, they saw the first post-launch update for fixes. Additionally, Skype For Windows Phone hit China with some hesitation and excitement for its users.

While Tuesday is usually a very busy day for Microsoft, the number of updates that weren’t related to Patch Tuesday was more than usual. Skype for China will be something that needs more governmental approval there, but Xbox One users should see the updates as soon as Tuesday night.

Xbox One Gets First Post-Launch Update From Microsoft On Tuesday

Xbox One Gets Update

In its first post-launch update, Microsoft gave Xbox One users a first patch that will hopefully settle some of the most anxious of users. The system update will be rolled to users starting Tuesday night, and be mandatory for users effective December 12th. The update will affect a number of bugging issues that have affected Xbox One users.

The updates cover problems with SmartGlass when users enter and exit standby, when they want to rejoin multiplayer games, and also helps with Dashboard performances when using the Xbox One. In addition, the patch fixes notifications on the console along with WiFi fixes that should help users get better connections, especially when far some their access point.

Skype For Windows Phone Arrives In China For First Time

Skype For Windows Phone Goes To China

In the second bit of Microsoft Tuesday updates, the Skype for Windows Phone app arrived for users in China. The Skype for Windows Phone update is part of a larger set of apps that will come to China users as part of Skype’s newest Chinese partnership. The app gives China users most of the features that everyone enjoys.

The Skype for Windows Phone app in China will let users copy and paste messages, and also has a high contrast mode for those who need to see images clearer due to vision concerns. The app loads quicker than before as well, and is part of the global update to the Windows Phone platform for Skype, with the China market becoming the largest possible potential market for Microsoft.

I have the Xbox One and use Skype for Windows Phone, so both of these fit me fine. I’ve updated to both so far, and see the updates, but need time to see the latest Microsoft goodness inside.

Published: Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 Last Modified: December 11, 2013

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