Xbox One Voice Commands Launching In Only 5 Countries

On Friday, Microsoft announced that their voice command support for Kinect will only be available in a limited amount of countries. The move shows that only 5 different countries throughout the world will have Kinect Voice command available, and is a fraction of those estimated at the launch.

The article and blow post from Microsoft and Xbox, shows that only five different countries will see the voice commands available in November. In addition, those fans looking for the full Xbox One voice command support might have to wait longer for the complete Xbox One experience.


Five Countries Announced

At the Xbox One launch, the countries of the United States, Great Britain, Canada, France, and Germany will see the launch. While this is smaller than expected, it is geared towards the major launch markets for the Xbox One. The system will be launching in 13 countries in November, but only offering voice support to five of them.

Eight Languages Supported

Microsoft’s Albert Penello announced on Friday that the system will initially have eight languages supported. The languages of English (US), English (GB), French, Spanish (MX), Spanish (ES), Italian, German and Portuguese will be ready in November. The company will eventually see larger launches for the system, but a scaled down launch will make some customers in other countries angry for sure.

More Changes For Xbox One

This latest move by Microsoft is the latest change for customers. The decision to limit the number of launch countries, and now the number of countries supported by the Kinect Voice Commands is the latest 180 by the company. Customers looking for the full Xbox One rollout are quickly seeing the company back peddle in the announcements, and making the $499 USD price of the system more questionable.

The decisions by Microsoft to limit the countries for Kinect Voice Commands is questionable but a strong business decision in most opinions. It is possible that the company could not make the service 100% by the November timeframe, and made is possible for the smaller footprint of countries at the launch. But, one has to wonder what the company is thinking for the future of the Xbox One and the global rollout that is coming in the future months.

Published: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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