Xbox One Update Arrives Plus Microsoft Commits To Autism

As each month goes along the Xbox One gets better, and Microsoft’s continually gets better. Monday marked the latest update from Microsoft, releasing it into the wild. But, beyond gaming, Microsoft has made commitments to the Autism community which will help people reach their full potential.

Microsoft is a massive company, with a number of different products and commitments to its users. But, as Microsoft grows on a company level, they are listening to users and the world around them. It shows with its move with the autism community, and its praise for gamers with gaming updates.

Microsoft Releases April 2015 Update For Xbox One Users

Xbox One April Update

The Xbox One April update was released into the wild, and it features four major updates for the Xbox One console. It has party chat improvements which will help get the microphone enabled during chats, and show when privacy or network problems occur. Game hub links are now enabled for the Xbox One as well.

Game Hubs enable deeper content to be built for games, and features for the games. Achievement notifications are also introduced, and the description of the notification are present in the notification, a plus. Lastly, the What’s On area has been updated for US, Canada, and UK users.

Microsoft Announces Major Commitment To Autism Community With Hiring Pilot Program

Microsoft Commits To Autism

In a more community and people centered move, Microsoft reached out to the Autism community in a major way on Monday, Microsoft announced a special pilot program with Speciallisterne, and will be focused on hiring people with Autism on a full-time basis. This is a major move for a large company like Microsoft.

Microsoft is a tremendously diverse company, and is looking for ways to expand on its company core of employees. Microsoft sees each person as a different individual, and is looking to increase the diversity of its workplace. Microsoft is reaching out to the community, and in a great way.

The April Xbox One Update will be a nice update, and downloaded millions of times. But, its commitment to Autism will please those with the condition, and please those who live in a world around it today.

Published: Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 Last Modified: April 7, 2015

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