Xbox One TV Tuner and Big Apple Microsoft Store Rumors

Microsoft is a company that often has a number of stories that come out on the same day, and while none of these might hold a story of their own, it’s important to talk about them. On Thursday, a new Xbox One TV tuner for Europe and rumors about a New York Microsoft Store surfaced.

While the Xbox One has become a hit in the US, those in Europe have been out of luck with its TV tuner integration. The news about the new Xbox One Digital Tuner came out which will please European Xbox One users. Plus fans in New York can get a new Microsoft Store according to rumors.

Microsoft Details Xbox One Digital TV Tuner For Europe

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner For Europe

When the Xbox One launched in Europe, the problems about its TV integration was an immediate problem, since most of Europe uses over the air transmissions. This new tv tuner will take the simple coaxial signal at one end of the USB port, and connects to the Xbox One on the other.

This simple little device will allow people who don’t have an HDMI-enabled cable box to watch HDVD, pause broadcasts, and use voice commands on their Xbox One. Yes, it will require the Kinect as well, but most have it on the Xbox One as well. It should launch for £25 in the UK and €30 in France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Microsoft's Rumors About A New York Retail Store Emerge In Report

Microsoft Store In New York City?

The other interesting story circled around Microsoft possibly building a major retail store in New York City. The story released in the New York Daily News, has them taking over a former Fendi store near 677 Fifth Avenue, which is only five blocks from the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue.

Microsoft isn’t commenting on this store as of yet, but its kiosk store in New York City is in need of a major upgrade. It has debated opening a store in New York City, and this could be what Microsoft needs to get a major retail store in the Big Apple. It has more than 100 retail stores now, and a New York one could be huge.

Finally Europe gets an Xbox One tuner, and it has needed it. I love the thought of a Big Apple Microsoft Store as well, and just need to visit it one day.

Published: Friday, August 8th, 2014 Last Modified: August 8, 2014

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