Xbox One To Include High Quality Voice Chat

As the news about the Xbox One is released day by day, the newest piece of news about the upcoming console circles around the Xbox One and the voice chat. Microsoft and Xbox announced that the dedicated hardware and power of Skype will have communications better than ever.

In a blog post by Major Nelson, Xbox’s Community Manager, he released additional information about the hardware and improvements made to the audio system will give gamers better communication with each other. Also, being able to hear others during gameplay will be improved.


Dedicated Audio Processing and Fat Data Pipe

Some of the first points surrounding this were about the dedicated audio processing that the Xbox One will do with audio. The new controller expansion port will allow for fatter data pipes and will allow users to communicate at 24KHz PCM, far much more than currently done.

Three Times Samples Rate and 50% Capture Rate Improvements

What makes the audio processing improvements even better is that the audio processing will be one at three times the sample rate. In addition, a 50 percent better capture rate of the audio will make for cleaner and more understandable conversations between gamers and users versus the Xbox 360.

Skype Codec Refined

What makes a lot of this possible is the refined Skype Codec that has been redone for the Xbox One. The audio codec, which has an incredible proven track record of high-quality voice calls via Skype currently, will allow for awesome in-game chatting and high quality conversations between gamers and other users of the Xbox One. The Skype integration for the new console is a huge plus for those who love to chat with others and make chatting with others during gameplay a mandatory thing.

It’s pretty clear on why Microsoft bought Skype now. By including it in its newest gaming system, it gives it a huge lead on Sony for audio processing. By using Skype to keep the calls clear and a dedicated audio processor, conversations should be clearer than ever on the Xbox One, and a vast improvement over the Xbox 360. This Winter should be a great time for gaming and clearer voice gaming conversations on the Xbox One.

Published: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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