Xbox One To Get DVR Functions By Year-End

The Xbox One has transformed itself beyond just an average game machine, and has been a living room staple for many users. But, its lack of full DVR functionality has been a down point for it, and left users wanting more from it. On Thursday, news about its future came out and will please Xbox One users.

The rumors and news about an Xbox One update, was the focus of a number of blogs on Thursday. As Microsoft finally confirmed that the Windows Media Center was going away with Windows 10, it made sense that it would be trasnformed elsewhere. Its future will be with the Xbox One with major updates later this year.

Microsoft To Include WMC Features In Xbox One Update

Xbox One Update

In an update, Gabe Aul described that the DVD playback feature would be re-enabled on Windows devices in the future. The Xbox One currently only allows for users to watch live TV, but not allow them to record live TV. The updates later this year will include live TV recording and that is a huge update.

To enable this live TV recording update, software updates will be released along with increased hard drive space. The current Xbox One has only has a 500GB hard drive, and many are thinking that Microsoft will have to update it to over 1TB or more to match current DVR’s on the market, and to capture that market.

Microsoft To Update Xbox One With Live DVR Recording Features Later In 2015

Why Add DVR Features?

The need to add additional live DVR features to the Xbox One is important for the growth of the Xbox One, and to the user base of Windows Media Center. WMC had a niche, and it had a number of users who continue to use it daily. The ability to include it all into a Windows machine or set top box is a big selling point.

Since Windows Media Center is almost 13 years old, it has been updated to include a lot of features that Windows enthusiasts enjoy. The update to include that in a powerful Xbox One console, would make the Xbox One a major living room device and replacement for users. It will be a big update for sure.

I can’t wait to see this update come. I use WMC, and to see it transform into the Xbox One will be a wild and fun experience.

Published: Saturday, May 9th, 2015 Last Modified: May 9, 2015

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