Xbox One To Capture Game Footage at 720p

A report surfaced on the Xbox One on Tuesday that noted that the upcoming Xbox One will be able to capture game footage at 720p. This allows for gamers to capture their gaming videos much like a DVR, and this should make YouTube gamers very excited.

The leak on the Xbox One surfaced on IGN, and they noted that users will be able to capture game footage directly from the Xbox One. As many gamers like to share their gaming footage on sites like Twich, YouTube, and other sites, this should give gamers one more reason to look at the Xbox One.


Capture Five Minutes Or 30 Seconds

The upcoming Xbox One will allow for automatically recording the last five minutes of gameplay to the console. In addition, gamers will be able to save the last 30 seconds of action on command, and able to do so without interrupting their game play. This should allow for easy sharing on social websites, video sites, and gamers forums.

Stored In The CLoud

Platform chief Marc Whitten mentioned that the games will be stored in the cloud, and the Upload Studio will allow users to edit and share content there. The Xbox OneGuide can then view this footage on demand whenever the gamer wants to relive the experience. This personal DVR gamer guide should allow for great instant replays of kills, touchdowns, and more on the Xbox One

Captures at 720/30p Video Only

One of the disappointing features of the Xbox One will be that it only captures footage at 720/30p only. That is even if users use higher resolution games like Forza Motorsport 5 with is 1080/60p according to their website. This might disappoint some, but still allows for high resolution captures of their favorite moments.

As items like this leak about the Xbox One, it builds anticipation and gets users excited for the future console. The Xbox One having instant game saving and sharing will be huge, and social gaming is rising at unheard of levels, and the ability to upload it in the cloud and rewatch at a moments notice, makes Microsoft’s Xbox One a true winner in the upcoming console wars.

Published: Friday, August 9th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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