Microsoft Unveils The Xbox One: Impressive Specs And Revamped Design

Xbox One Specs On Tuesday, the much-anticipated announcement from Microsoft was all about the latest Xbox system, the Xbox One.

Revamped, Re-designed system With Top Hardware Specs

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– 500 GB drive
– Bluray drive
– Kinect integration
– HD cam
– Fully voice-controlled
– New Wifi controllers with new improved design

The Xbox One as it will be called is a total revamp of their Xbox video entertainment system and features a rehaul of all of their services, hardware, and its ecosystem. With the Xbox One announcement, Microsoft has now rivaled Sony’s Playstation in the latest and greatest video game hardware announcement.

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The Xbox One is a complete redesign of their system and features among things a 500GB hard drive, Blu-Ray drive, HDMI in and out, overlays for live TV, 8GB of RAM, HD camera, Kinect integration, new wireless controllers, and new games for the system to be released. No price or date was announced on the Xbox one yet, but additional details are expected to be announced during the E3 Expo in June of this year.

Sony’s earlier announcement of the Playstation 4 meant that Microsoft needed to announce their newest video entertainment system quickly, and they did so with a bang. The Microsoft announcement was streamed online, broadcast on Spike TV, and numerous live-blogs covered the Microsoft coverage event.

The integration of more RAM, a larger hard drive, Blu-Ray inclusion, tv overlay, and Kinect availability makes the Xbox One a system that should take charge later this year when it’s expected to be released, according to various reports. The Xbox One is a total entertainment system and that was the main focus of the announcement by Microsoft. It’s a system that can be used in the living room, can handle all of your online video needs, is able to process the most task intensive games on the market today, and can be used to watch live television in brand new ways in the living room. Oddly enough though, the Xbox One will not be compatible with any current Xbox 360 games, and that has angered many fans of the current Xbox 360 systems. According to Microsoft, the newer processing power and architecture has made it unable to be compatible with today’s generation games.

Experts agree that the pricing and availability dates of the Xbox One will decides its future, and those will come in June at E3. With its newest Xbox One system, Microsoft has launched the Xbox One not only for video game players, but now for the living room and beyond.

Published: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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