Xbox One Position on Check-In and Used Games Reversed

On Wednesday, Microsoft officially reversed their position in regards to their policies on Xbox One. Users will not need an Internet connection and no 24 hour connection will be needed, as stated in a blog post by the company.

With the blog announcement on Wednesday, Microsoft clearly felt the heat of users complaining about the Xbox One’s need to have an Internet connection and policies surrounding the unit. Don Mattrick, announced these changes to the cheers of many Xbox One fans.


Internet Connection Not Required For Offline Games

First in the blog post, the idea of the Xbox One requiring an Internet connection for offline games was reversed. After an initial setup of the system, users can play the games without of any 24 hour period or connection needed, as in the Xbox 360. This will allow users without an Internet connection to play the games whenever they wish.

Users Can Trade, Lend, or Rent Discs On The Xbox One

One of the biggest complaints by users surrounding the recent Xbox One was about the trade-in and rental policies setup by Microsoft. Now, Don Mattrick from Microsoft has stated that users will be able to play games without limitations and the games and system will work just like they do on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft Feeling Consumer Pressure

It is clear that Microsoft felt the complaints by customers surrounding these two big issues to change directions on the upcoming console. It didn’t take long, actually under a month, for the company to completely change directions and policies regarding these two ideas and requirements of the Xbox One. They stated in their blog post that they heard from customers and want to reshape the future of the Xbox One.

One of the last comments noted in the Microsoft blog post was that the Xbox One games will be region free and users will need to keep their disc based games in the disc tray versus ripping them directly to the Xbox One drive.

It’s important to see Microsoft make these changes for consumers, and not give Sony any edges in the upcoming console wars that are brewing towards the end of the year.

Published: Thursday, June 20th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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