Xbox One Plays Audio CD’s

One of the many questions surrounding the Xbox One was whether or not you would be able to stream music or media from your home network, or whether it would play audio CD’s. On Friday, the latest update from Microsoft on the Xbox One told that users would be able to do both.

As Microsoft reported to another publication, Penny Arcade Report, they told that users will be able to play these media types on their Xbox One’s. For those with large media collections or audio CD collections, this will please them and make the purchase easier in November.

Updates On Xbox One Audio & MP3 Files Announced

Mixed Answers

The Xbox One according to Microsoft is DLNA compatible and will be able to stream media for its owners. As it is compatible with the Xbox Music Pass subscription, users will be able to stream music from that whether they are single tracks or whole albums. The Xbox One is a true media powerhouse, and this clarification makes things easier.

But, the other questions concerning whether or not users can play mp3 files is another question. The system is registered as a Play To receiver, so users can stream content to the Xbox One using any Play To supported device. Those devices are Windows 7, Windows 8, or 8.1 enabled PC’s plus Windows Phone devices according to the report.

Sony's PS4 Won't Play MP3 Files But Xbox One Will

More Than The PS4

What separates the Xbox One from the Playstation 4 is going to be this major factor. A few days back, Sony released their FAQ on the Playstation 4, and in it they stated that users will not be able to stream music, play MP3’s, or CD’s. The only way that users can use their own music is via the Sony Music Unlimited Service according to their FAQ.

This is great news for Microsoft and shows that Microsoft and their Xbox One teams are thinking about their users. Users want to be able to stream music, and listen to their own mp3 files, and giving them a new console that can do it is important. By Sony disabling this, they upset users and make them want an Xbox One instead.

I love the console wars, and this latest separation shows what companies think about users. One wants users to be happy, and Sony simply doesn’t.

Published: Monday, November 4th, 2013 Last Modified: November 4, 2013

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