Xbox One News In Droves Released On Friday

We have been covering the release of the Xbox One from Microsoft pretty closely, as it is Microsoft’s most eagerly anticipated console release in years. But on Friday, the company came out with so much news about the console, the updates, and information, that it is shocking.

Microsoft used the Friday news cycle to give consumers as much news as possible about the Xbox One, its content, its partners, and what it can and cannot do on launch day. The company is giving users an amazing amount of content at launch, and the Xbox One looks like the Microsoft hit it is expected to be.

Day One Patch and TV Apps Announced For Xbox One

TV Apps and Day One Patches

The first bit of news from Microsoft was about the TV apps that will be available with the Xbox One. Content partners like Netflix, HBO Go, FiOS, NFL, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Crackle, and Redbox Instant will be available at the launch. International customers will also see content for their countries, and this makes the Xbox One a must have content unit.

The more interesting news about the console came out surrounding the day one patch for the Xbox One. Microsoft stated that the consoles MUST have the day one patch installed when booted up, otherwise the system will not be useful. The understanding is that the units are being built with old firmware, but making a 500MB patch mandatory is somewhat unique in the console world.

Microsoft Releases 12 Minute Video Of Xbox One

Six Months Of Skype, Pre-Orders, and Video

Microsoft announced on Friday that customers who buy the Xbox One will get six months of free Skype calls with a Xbox Live membership required. The free membership is being done to encourage users to use Skype, talk with other gamers, family members, and others using the Xbox One and Kinect. The promotion will do a bunch to get it out there quickly.

Pre-orders of the Xbox One from Microsoft are shipping a little early in Target stores too. Some customers are getting them early, and unboxing videos are already out there. Lastly, Microsoft released a 12-minute video of the Xbox One demo featuring the dashboard, Kinect, and all the apps for the Xbox One.

I want the Xbox One SO bad right now. I love the content, the games, the new Xbox Live Gold membership offerings, and want it.

Published: Sunday, November 10th, 2013 Last Modified: November 10, 2013

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