Xbox One Hits 2 Million In Sales

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the latest sales numbers related to its Xbox One next generation console units. Microsoft in a statement released to the media stated that the console has sold more than 2 million units in its first 18 days on the market.

The sales numbers from Microsoft are on par with the Sony Playstation 4, and shows how popular the Xbox One has become. With its introduction in over 22 markets on November 22nd, stores have had incredibly tough times keeping it in stock, and these sales numbers show it.

Microsoft Announces 2 Million Xbox One Sales

Estimates of 3 Million Sold

Analysts on Wednesday gave estimates on how many units that Microsoft will sell by the end of the year. Most analysts are positioning Microsoft to sell an estimated 3 million units due to the holiday season ahead, and those projections are roughly on par with unofficial numbers that Microsoft has internally for its Xbox One units.

The 3 million unit mark for Microsoft is on par also with the Sony numbers talked about in recent days. Sony has estimated a possible 4-5 million units by March, but that also includes a more global launch than Microsoft with over 32 countries in play as of December 3rd. The $499 console certainly isn’t scaring anyone as many had originally thought though.

Microsoft Is Gearing Up This Holiday Season Versus Sony

Microsoft’s Holiday Push

These latest sales numbers from Microsoft show that the company is fully into the holiday sales season, and they are aggressively trying to get Xbox One units onto store shelves around the globe. The estimated $13.3 billion gaming market is getting more competitive, and Microsoft by getting 2 million units sold in this short period of time is huge.

Microsoft is using the Xbox One to get into the customer’s living rooms this holiday season, and is using its Microsoft Stores and other retail channels to push it. Customers are wanting the Xbox One in huge numbers, and Microsoft clearly has a hit on its hands, and at $499 each times 2 million units, that is a huge quarterly number that is sure to please many Microsoft investors as well.

I love the Xbox One, and am glad to see it as a hit. 2 million units is great news from Microsoft, and should sell 10 million before long.

Published: Thursday, December 12th, 2013 Last Modified: December 12, 2013

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