Xbox One Global Events Named For November 22nd

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the global launch date and country support for the Xbox One on November 22nd. On its Xbox News site, Microsoft announced that the next generation console will be available starting on November 22nd in over 10,000 retail locations around the globe.

Microsoft is pushing the Xbox One highly, and are offering it in 13 different countries. Midnight openings will be common among retailers around the world, and it starts in New Zealand and will work its way around the globe to celebrate the era of Xbox One in the Microsoft franchise.


New Zealand Starting Off

Auckland New Zealand will kick off the midnight sales of the console, as Microsoft has teamed up with EB Games and brings fans, partners and press to play the Xbox One. The events then move to Sydney where the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be lit up along with the Sydney Opera House to kick off the midnight launch of the Xbox One.

As it moves to Europe, games and YouTubers are planning to meet in Central Paris and Berlin to launch it in Europe. Skin and Emis Killa are having a special event in Italy, Spain is co-hosting an MTV event with Xbox One, and the UK will have an event in Central London to kickstart the Xbox One. The Area One in London will have an area where people can play the Xbox One for the first time.

Microsoft Is Planning Worldwide Parties For Xbox One

13 Countries Ending in the US

As the Xbox One tour from Microsoft continues, it will reach the US and in New York there will be a Times Square event at midnight. The Best Buy Theater will host an event for their fans, and give customers their first units. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be performing for 1,000 lucky fans who lineup for the first units, and they can enjoy the concert afterwards.

The last stop of the tour is the West Coast where Microsoft is planning an event at Milk Studios to highlight the games and console. The first 500 people at this event will be enjoying a private concert with deadmau5, and should be a huge hit. Toronto Canada is also planning an event with Microsoft, and shows the global outreach of Xbox One. It will be launched in 13 countries and should be a huge hit.

I can’t wait for the Xbox One. I want it now, I want to enjoy the HD games, and I can’t wait to play Call of Duty among others to enjoy it unclose and personal.

Published: Friday, November 15th, 2013 Last Modified: November 15, 2013

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