Xbox One Gets Videos, Updates & Project Spark

Xbox One got a number of updates on Tuesday, as the console got a variety of updates from Microsoft. By adding the volume of Xbox music videos, the latest Xbox one update, and the ability to create games using Project Spark, the Xbox One just got a major boost from Microsoft.

As the release of Titanfall is near, Microsoft is clearly amping up the Xbox One against the Playstation 4. It has updated the console with a ton of new features on Tuesday, and will launch the streaming ability next week, all in which will make the Xbox One sell more for Microsoft.

Microsoft Updates 92,000 Music Videos On Xbox Music For Xbox One

Music Videos Added

The first major update was the addition of more than 92,000 music videos to the Xbox Music app. This is a major boost for those who love to watch music videos on their Xbox One, and is a major boost for Xbox Music. Since the subscription service has a ton of premium features noted as well, it will make money for Microsoft as well.

Users can view the 92,000 other videos, create radio stations, build playlists, and create lists of their favorite artists. Users can view the music videos in sharp HD, and just say “Xbox Play” and the videos will magically appear. The all in one step makes it much easier to view videos and will make it a fun experience.

Microsoft Updates Xbox One With Project Spark And More

Project Spark & March Update

The other updates on Tuesday from Microsoft include the extension of the Project Spark program on the Xbox One. This will enable fans and creators to get the ability to create games, and launches the independent game movement on the Xbox One. It gives the ability to create games, play games, share games, and do more with the Xbox One.

Lastly, the Xbox One March update went live a week early from Microsoft. While the new Twitch integration will not be officially rolled out until March 11th, it gives users a ton of new features on the Xbox One. Major Nelson of Microsoft detailed all the updates in a video that is linked below for viewing.

The Xbox One got real today and is a great console. The updates and videos make it a must have console for sure.

Published: Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 Last Modified: March 5, 2014

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