Xbox One Gets Twitch Broadcasting Starting March 11th

The Xbox One has been a giant success for Microsoft, but one of the many complaints about the service was the lack of live broadcasting from the console. On Tuesday, Microsoft and Xbox announced the rollout of live broadcasting on Twitch starting on March 11th, 2014.

The rollout of live broadcasting on the Twitch channel will make many gamers excited. It’s a service that launched on the Playstation 4 since the initial rollout, but lacked on the Xbox One. Microsoft stated they needed time to make it work, and it appears they have done so with this announcement.

Microsoft Announces Twitch Live Broadcasting For Xbox One

How It Works

The Xbox One will get a new and improved Twitch app on the Xbox One on March 11th. The rollout is perfectly timed for the Titanfall launch on the Xbox One on the same date, and will allow users to truly have a next generation service at their hands. It can’t be matched by the Playstation 4 according to the post.

Users will be able to state “Xbox Broadcast” and with that command, the Twitch app will launch and users will be able to broadcast their live stream to Twitch. Two different audio/visual choices will be available to show where picture in picture will exist along with audio options, and should be a great addition.

Microsoft Shows Off Twitch Live Broadcasting App Set For March 11th

How Xbox One Twitch Is Different

The Xbox One rollout of the live streaming will be different than the Playstation 4 rollout though. Users will be able to archive live feeds of their play, and also view all of Twitch. The feature to watch any game currently exists in a light form, but the first feature will make gamers excited.

The ability to archive live feeds will be a huge addition for Xbox One users. Now, they can watch their live feeds at any moment, and guide them to users around the world. The Twitch app for the Xbox One will be an exciting upgrade along with the other ones scheduled for March 11th, which also includes the launch of Titanfall. It will be a big day for Xbox One fans regardless with these big updates.

I can’t wait for this update. I love Twitch, and can’t wait to start showing off my gamer videos on it on March 11th. Woot.

Published: Thursday, February 27th, 2014 Last Modified: February 27, 2014

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