Xbox One Gets September Update Plus SmartGlass Updates

Just when the holiday weekend is approaching in the United States, Microsoft is pushing out updates faster than we can write about them. On Thursday, Microsoft released the September update out early, plus made updates to its companion SmartGlass product for the Xbox One.

Both by releasing the update early and updating SmartGlass will ensure that users love the Xbox One more. The big title Madden 15 has hit the shelves, and these updates will ensure that users buy it along with the Xbox One over the holiday. A full description follows with the updates.

Microsoft Updates SmartGlass Update On Mobile Platforms For Increased Usage

SmartGlass Updates

The SmartGlass for the Xbox One is quickly becoming a hot product from Microsoft, with frequent updates being made to the product. The latest updates allow users to record Xbox One clips directly from the SmartGlass application. This will allow those with phones, tablets, and mobile devices happy.

Users can also view activity feeds, post status updates, and share info from the SmartGlass application. The TV and OneGuide features are also present in the updated SmartGlass app, and Microsoft is updating all platforms at once. The iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps all got the update on Thursday.

Microsoft Gives Users The Xbox One September Update Early

September Xbox One Update

The biggest shocker game as Microsoft issued the September update for the Xbox One early. This has a ton of new features, with the biggest being a new media player app. Now, users can play files directly from an attached USB drive, and will offer DNLA support later this year. Now, Mpeg, MP4, and other files can be viewed on the Xbox One easily.

Additionally, a new and improved party app has been launched with the update. Xbox On capabilities are live in Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. A Boot to TV option is available for Xbox One users who want to boot to the TV versus the Xbox One. A bandwidth usage display will be there for those capped by providers. Lastly, GameDVR updates and the ability to save Avatar Gamerpics to users OneDrives has been included with this update.

These are all major updates from Microsoft on Thursday. The Xbox One just got a great media player, and a ton of updates free from Microsoft.

Published: Friday, August 29th, 2014 Last Modified: August 29, 2014

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