Xbox One Gets Price Cut Plus Possible Refunds Due

The Xbox One has had a huge battle in the next generation console market with the Sony Playstation 4. It’s $499 price has been a sticking point for some, and on Wednesday, those customers got great news. Microsoft announced a Kinect-less Xbox One and possible refunds for users.

Microsoft announced that they would be issuing a Xbox One without the Kinect built-in starting June 1, 2014 for only $399. In addition, Microsoft also announced that they would be issuing refunds to those Xbox Live Gold members who only use the service for media apps.

Microsoft Cuts Price Of Xbox One To $399 Without Kinect

Xbox One Only $399

By dropping the price of the Xbox One to $399 starting June 1, 2014, Microsoft is giving users a cheaper and more affordable Xbox One. The unit will be without the Kinect, and will be giving those who want the Xbox One an opportunity to get it cheaper. It will have lesser frills and bells, but gives them the core machine.

With the Xbox One still selling at record numbers, the markets that it competes with the Playstation 4 is still a battlefield for Microsoft. By cutting the price to $399, they can directly compete with the Playstation 4, and still outdo the Playstation 4 by offering a TV passthrough, the ability to add a Kinect later, and the Xbox Live Gold marketplace.

Microsoft Offers Refunds To Xbox Live Gold Members On Media Apps

Xbox Live Refunds Coming To Some

With its decision to cut loose some of the media apps from the Xbox Live Gold tier, Microsoft is giving those customers who only use those apps for Xbox Live Gold an opportunity for a refund. Those who purchased a 12-month subscription, and only use it for apps like Netflix, Twitch, and others can submit a request for a refund.

Microsoft is taking the refund requests on their website, and giving users a reason to try out Xbox Live again. Some might have paid the $60 to just access the media apps and nothing else, and Microsoft is giving them refunds as a thank you for trying the service. Its decision to move a number of apps from the paid tier to the free tier will please many for sure.

Microsoft is realizing the high price of the Xbox One might have scared some away. By issuing refunds to some, they are regaining customers, and making more in the future.

Published: Thursday, May 15th, 2014 Last Modified: May 15, 2014

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