Xbox One Gets New Apps and New Games

With the holiday season in full gear, Microsoft is making sure that while the Xbox One isn’t getting anymore functional updates, it is getting new apps and games. On Thursday, Microsoft updated its app catalog with new major apps, and announced a new release of a fun game.

Many people, including myself, can argue that the Xbox One started off with a limited amount of games and apps. But, as the end of 2014 nears, Microsoft has updated its apps for the console, and giving its users a great set of tools and fun to enjoy on the Xbox One.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users Four New Apps To Savor

Pandora, Vevo, Telemuno and Bravo

What is more exciting than just one new app, is four of them. On Thursday, Microsoft announced four new apps for the Xbox One, and while all four of them are entertainment apps, they are some of the most widely used apps on the mobile entertainment platform. They are all available to download today.

Microsoft released Pandora as the major app for users. The music discovery service has millions of users, and is a needed app for the Xbox One. Vevo is the music video premier app for mobile users, and has thousands of videos to enjoy. Bravo Now allows for episode watching and Telemundo Now does as well. Popcornflix was also added to enjoy movies too.

Kalima Is The Fun New Game For Xbox One Fans

Kalimba Joins Xbox One Gamer Universe

Kalimba is a brand new game that has launched exclusively on the Xbox One. It comes from the Press Play developers, and is a single player and cooperative playing game for users to enjoy. Players can join together to pair animated totems and help each other survive in the very artisic world it presents.

It’s a very well priced game at $9.99, and is available exclusively for now on the Xbox One. It’s meant for the casual gamer, and for those who like artistic and fun games. It’s got pretty images, has leaderboard achievements, and amazing gameplay. It’s available to try, and is a holiday treat on the Xbox One.

It’s good to see the Xbox One get late year updates. The apps are great, and the game is fun to play and enjoy.

Published: Friday, December 19th, 2014 Last Modified: December 19, 2014

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